Manage your OpenText Documentum & Veeva Vault application efficiently

dqMan is a powerful and customizable tool to streamline administration tasks within OpenText Documentum and Veeva Vault applications. Based on DQL and VQL, dqMan combines a user-friendly interface with a wide range of features designed for you to focus on what truly matters – managing your ECM applications efficiently.

OpenText Documentum

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Veeva Vault

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ECM administration made easy

As an ECM expert your work routine contains time-consuming and repetitive tasks. With dqMan, we are addressing precisely these challenges and want to enable you in becoming more efficient when working with your corporate ECM applications. DQL and VQL are effective ways to administer Opentext Documentum or Veeva Vault. dqMan provides you with a powerful environment to enhance your productivity.

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Simplify the administration of your ECM system

With its rich set of features, dqMan makes administration processes within OpenText Documentum or Veeva Vault much easier

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Leverage the quality of your ECM applications

Thanks to the combination of predefined and adjustable functions, admin tasks can be completed with high-quality results

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Save valuable administration time and reduce unnecessary costs

dqMan users benefit from significant time and cost savings when issuing DQL, VQL, and API commands

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Explore our feature-rich application

As an enterprise-grade software solution dqMan grants effortless management of x64-based environments, encompassing Java, Documentum/DFC up to the latest version. Additionally, dqMan extends its compatibility to the Veeva Vault API 23.1, ensuring seamless integration with future versions as well. Designed to maximize your administration efficiency, dqMan features an easy to access, user-friendly interface. Take advantage from a variety of functions to process query results and count on prompt assistance in case you encounter challenges thanks to our maintenance and service offering.

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  • VQL & DQL editor

    Easy creation of queries with syntax highlighting, autocomplete for types, attributes and function values, syntax help, and query format options

  • Inline editor for query results

    Various elements can be edited directly in the result grid while multiline editing of repeating attributes is also supported

  • Favorite & history management

    Favorite queries can be stored and retrieved easily, histories of executed DQL/VQL or API commands are available and can be accessed easily

  • Script execution engine

    Scripts can be generated and executed directly in the dqMan session window

»Repetitive or highly time-consuming administration tasks are annoying, we know. Save yourself time and nerves, dqMan is built just for that. Easily execute DQL and VQL queries, browse your repository, and monitor your workflows with our powerful administration tool.«
Florian Piaszyk-Hensen, Director fme Products @ fme

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Insights into an intuitive interface

Both the OpenText Documentum as well as the Veeva Vault Edition follow a user-centric approach, providing dqMan customers with a modern, user-friendly product interface that allows flexible search options and intuitive navigation.

Dive a little deeper into our comprehensive administration software with this selection of interface screenshots.

Our team is committed to offering you great product support and optimizing your administration experience. If you have any questions, take the first step toward streamlined administration and contact us via our contact form.

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Frequently asked questions

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We are aware that a new product often raises questions or requires clarification, and we are here to answer them. In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions, covering a wide range of topics. We hope this helps shed light on any questions, inquiries, or curiosities related to dqMan. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

An Internet connection is not required for the initial activation of dqMan. For more information, please have a look at our Offline License Activation step-by-step guide (OpenText Documentum Edition & Veeva Vault Edition) . Activating dqMan online is still available and is the quick and easy way to get started.

dqMan currently doesn’t support neither MacOS nor Linux.

Yes. The decision to continue using the deprecated free version of dqMan is up to you, even though it is outdated and entirely unsupported. However, please consider the potential limitations and implications of using an outdated and unsupported product.

dqMan provides comprehensive documentation to assist in setting up the application and using the various features.

dqMan offers dedicated product support where you can create a ticket for your particular problem.

Need support? Browse our online documentation to find helpful answers regarding the usage of dqMan.

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Flexible pricing options

We offer a subscription model in different sizes, known as packages. They all have one thing in common: a fair price structure and the possibility to switch to a higher or lower tier when needed, so you don’t have to make any compromises on flexibility. For sales through our webshop we offer credit card payment as a payment method. If this is not possible, you can also purchase dqMan licenses via our Direct Purchase web form through fme directly or through one of our resellers.

OpenText Documentum

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Veeva Vault

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Watch our OpenText Documentum Edition and Veeva Vault Edition live demos and see how dqMan can enhance your daily routine.

Evaluate dqMan and discover the benefits

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