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If you still have open questions about dqMan, we will be happy to answer them as soon as possible. However, you can also look for your question in our FAQ section or even take a closer look at the dqMan documentation.

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Frequently asked questions

The dqMan Early Bird Discount code is redeemable until December 31, 2022. The discount code cannot be combined with other promotional codes.

dqMan needs a Java Runtime Environment (64bit) and an OpenText Documentum DFC. dqMan supports all Java versions that are also supported by the used DFC. In addition, the initial activation of dqMan requires an Internet connection. After setting up the license key, dqMan can be used without an Internet connection.

dqMan supports multiple JRE & DFC profiles, allowing users to install and use different combinations of JRE and DFC on the same computer.

dqMan supports all OpenText Documentum versions that can be accessed using DFC 16.4 and newer. We’ll continue to develop and update dqMan in order to support newer versions of Documentum as soon as they will be released.

dqMan currently doesn’t support neither iOS nor Linux.

dqMan in its deprecated free version is a 32bit application and requires a 32bit environment for optimal stability and performance. It comes with no longer supported Java versions, unsupported OpenText Documentum library files etc. Furthermore, the built-in support for Documentum features is limited to OpenText Documentum versions 7.X.