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Top 6 reasons to use dqMan when managing Veeva Vault applications

By Vasile Gavrila | 16 Oct 2023

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Veeva Vault is a leading platform for life sciences companies, streamlining their document and data management processes. However, managing Veeva Vault applications effectively can be challenging. Enter the Veeva Vault Edition of dqMan – our powerful administration software that simplifies and enhances your Veeva Vault experience. In this blog, we’ll explore six compelling reasons to use dqMan when administering Veeva Vault applications.

1. Streamline report creation

The dqMan Veeva Vault Edition offers an intuitive way to create aggregated reports by consolidating data from multiple objects. For example, you can generate comprehensive reports that combine information from milestone templates, milestone template lists, story events, and template milestone master sets. This capability is invaluable for determining the milestones needed based on study type and state.

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2. Effortless data export

Exporting data from Veeva Vault to exchangeable formats such as CSV and Excel has never been easier. dqMan’s built-in query generator allows you to collect human-readable fields from related objects, making the exported data more meaningful for end-users. This feature enhances data accessibility and usability.

3. Metadata enhancement and validation

Maintaining accurate metadata is critical in Veeva Vault applications. dqMan helps you identify and rectify gaps and inaccuracies in documents and object metadata. You can easily correct erroneous metadata by comparing it with external data sources, ensuring data consistency and compliance.

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4. Automation with MDL execution engine

Managing configurations across multiple Vaults can be a time-consuming task. dqMan’s MDL execution engine automates the creation and modification of configurations, significantly reducing the workload for administrators. This automation enhances efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual configuration changes.

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5. Debugging made easy

Troubleshooting and debugging of Veeva Vault applications can be a challenging process, especially when dealing with fields and configurations that are not visible in the Vault UI. dqMan simplifies this by providing insights into the hidden aspects of your Vault application. Thanks to this function, issues can be identified and resolved more efficiently.

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6. Enhanced VQL syntax for data analysis

dqMan extends the power of Veeva Query Language (VQL) by providing advanced features for counting and grouping data according to your business requirements. This enhanced syntax enables you to perform complex data analysis tasks, delivering valuable insights and helping you make data-driven decisions.


In conclusion, the Veeva Vault Edition of dqMan is a game-changer for Veeva Vault administration. With its rich set of features for report generation, data export, metadata validation, automation, debugging, and advanced data analysis, dqMan empowers life sciences organizations to optimize the quality of their Veeva Vault environment.

By using dqMan, you can enhance productivity, data accuracy, and decision-making, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Veeva Vault management processes. Don’t miss out on the benefits of dqMan – make it an integral part of your Veeva Vault toolkit today!

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